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We are a group of friends from Gloucester, Massachusetts who became interested in the paranormal after participating in an investigation at the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts early last year. We were amazed and excited by the experiences that we'd had and our curiosity quickly became a passion. When the opportunity arose to purchase new equipment our interest in the paranormal intensified. We revisited Houghton for a second investigation and although the evening seemed quiet, we still caught some amazing evidence.  After that night we decided to form an official paranormal group.  Over the last year and a half our team members have investigated numerous paranormal hot spots including the Victorian Mansion in Gardner, Ma., Pennhurst State School (also known as Pennhurst Asylum) in Spring City, PA., The Irish Mist bar and restaurant in Troy, NY, and the Fort William Henry Museum and Restoration in Lake George, NY.  We now offer our services to the public, FOR FREE, so that we may help those who are experiencing things that they cannot explain, and perhaps have no one else to turn to.  If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding something that you are experiencing please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Team:

Marc Arvilla             Investigator

Mike Galante            Investigator

Lauren Sheridan       Investigator

Aimee Favazza          Investigator

Jay Favazza               Investigator

       Mary Lou Favazza    Investigator       


What's Going On??? 

April 20, 2014...

We recently had the wonderful pleasure of helping a family who was curious about some activity in their home. They were so hospitable and welcoming. It was an honor to work for them. We are meeting with another potential client this week and then a few of us will be attending Para-History Con 2 in Lake George NY from May 2nd-4th. Look for some videos on our Youtube channel and updates on Twitter live from the convention! Thank you all for your support and please help us spread the word that our services are professional and free.

Thank you again and Be Safe!


March 8, 2014...


This has been one LOOOOONG winter. Now that Spring is around the corner we hope that you will all be ready for what we are about to announce. Our dear friends over at Glory Haunt Hounds have decided to make their "Return to Pennhurst" in June their final event. With that being said, we would like to pick up where they will leave off. MGHPS will soon be helping to raise the awareness of some incredible locations by telling, and helping to preserve their history. This is not a process that happens overnight so please keep an eye to this page for future announcements. We are very excited for this project and I hope you will all participate in some way. 

Thank you again and Be Safe.


January 13, 2014...

Happy New Year to you all!!! 

Now that the calendar has turned and we're all settled into the new year, we can't help but be excited at what 2014 has in store for us. We have a major project in the works and a couple of new locations to explore. One date locked into the calendar is the Para-history Con on May 2nd and 3rd. We will be present and have some merchandise for sale. Be sure to make your way through all of the A list celebrities that will be there and say "Hi". To get your tickets to the "paranormal event of the year", click on the link below. 

December  18, 2013...

What an Amazing night we had at the Houghton Mansion on December 13th! Not only was it good to be back at the Mansion but we were able to finally work with our sister group, Can Am Paranormal. Evidence review is in full swing and we will post some findings soon. One last note, We have a major project in the works and hope that it becomes something that you can all enjoy someday. Until then, keep your fingers crossed for MGHPS and your eyes glued to our page. If you haven't done so already, please sign our guestbook and join our member page!

Thanks and Be Safe, 


December 9, 2013 ...

Well, 2013 saw many changes and challenges for MGHPS. We investigated some amazing places this year and had some experiences I will never forget. There is one last investigation on our schedule and this may prove to be a game changer for us. There will hopefully be information to follow in the coming weeks but until then, keep your eye to our page as we will be announcing some great new endeavors and making some enhancements to the site. Our web-store will have a fresh new look with some great Paranormal Gear for sale as well as some MGHPS swag!!!! Thank you all for making this year so much fun and your support is immeasurable. Have a safe holiday!!!

Thanks and Be Safe,


EVPs and Video

Houghton Mansion

Video Clip: Houghton Mansion Basement 12/13/2013. Interaction with a child spirit

clip 1: a woman's voice in beginning of clip

clip 2: Whisper "Right There" while Joe Chin from GHI is explaining the equipment


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