Mass Ghost Hunters Paranormal Society

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Mass Ghost Hunters Paranormal Society provides services FREE OF CHARGE. We treat our clients AND their property with the utmost respect. Prior to an investigation we can provide information regarding the equipment we use and how we use it; we will also provide waiver forms and explain why they are necessary. During an investigation we request that the client(s) remain on the premises but out of the areas of investigation. This is for their own safety.

                   Team Bios

Marc - Founder/Lead Investigator

As team leader, Marc is the face and voice of MGHPS. He consults directly with clients and acts as the anchor for the team before, during, and after investigationsFor the past 3 years, Marc has been studying Demonology under the tutelage of John Zaffis and has earned the title of 'Apprentice to John Zaffis'. 

Marc also hosts The Paranormal Power

Hour which airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on DTM Wicked Radio.

Shane - Investigator

Shane has had many mysterious and paranormal-like experiences. “I felt a need to learn more and explain the experiences I've had.” In 2015 he joined MGHPS along with his wife Maggie, to help get the answers he is looking for. Shane is a cable technician by day, which allows him access to many historical houses and buildings. Many times he is alone while on the job and experiences feelings and sounds that can't be explained. His enthusiasm to learn, explore and discover what is beyond our senses is a great asset to our team.

Maggie - Investigator

Maggie is a mom of 3, a member of the PTO, and a dance mom amongst many other things. She became interested in the paranormal after watching ‘Poltergeist’ at age 6. While growing up in a house that was 100+ years old, Maggie experienced voices, unexplainable ‘presences’, and objects going missing and reappearing. This made her think about what happens after death and the curiosity followed her throughout her life. When her daughter started speaking of ghosts around the age of 10 months, the stories stirred up memories and pushed her to begin looking for answers. She joined MGHPS in 2015.

Mike - Investigator
Mike has over 8 years experience in the Paranormal field and has conducted many home investigations. He's been invited to work with many teams and has been mentioned in the Book "Bones in the Basement" along with other members of MGHPS. He has a passion for helping those in need as well as leading and teaching people at Paranormal events.
Liz - Investigator
At a yound age, Liz had unexplained experiences which in turn attracted her to the paranormal world.  Like most people, Liz found little information regarding paranormal activity and investigation.  Obtaining a degree in psychology intensified her curiosity in studying the effects that paranormal activity can have on a person.  Liz  continues to learn about the paranormal as part of the team.